ABOUT US:  HGI’s core projects focus on managing assets, operations, and investments in value-technologies that provide complete solutions to water, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, exploration, aviation, marine, telecom, security, and environmental issues that challenge the world. Each of these are defined through innovation frameworks, financial thresholds, sustainable guidelines, and governing principles. Technologies today are designed to enable and adapt changes yet drive continuous process improvements, engineering marvels to represent a truly complete solution, and in short, “a way forward to return on investment.”

HGI, and its strategic partners, strive to build concepts that are sustainable, usable, and self-sufficient for global communities. Our business models are designed to replicate and build solutions that enable manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance to be sourced regionally. We describe ourselves as being “technology astute” not because we are skeptics, but because we are always on the lookout for “the answer” in the form of new and innovative technologies that will enhance our models. We do not consider any technology provider or integrator to be a competitor. Everyone we meet that is willing to collaborate with us on a solution is a potential ally.

We have worked with many groups to enhance their respective technologies merely so we can implement them into our solutions. In summary, we are a technology integration organization comprised of like-minded and strategically aligned individuals, partners and companies that all follow the core belief that collaboration leads to innovative solutions to the world’s most serious problems that challenge all of us. We will work with our customers to implement affordable and effective solutions that will lead to short term return on investment and long term sustainability.